• Image of Sculpting Tool Kit // by Gosia

Originally available exclusively to students attending Gosia's Ceramic Bust Sculpting Workshops. This tool kit is comprised of 16 sculpting tools, including two tools customized by the artist herself.

These tools are exactly what Gosia uses to create her own work, and therefore are ideal for sculpting facial features as well as the rest of the bust in ceramic clay. The kit also includes written notes guiding you through each tool's essential role in the process.

Although specifically catered for ceramic busts, these tools can also be used for an array of other sculpting projects.

Tool list:

- wire clay cutter
- wood rib
- boxwood modelling tool
- small double wire tool
- medium double wire tool
- wood & wire tool
- large plastic square tool
- medium plastic square tool
- small plastic square tool
- plastic double pointed tool
- plastic crescent tool
- 4 brushes
- sponge

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Please note: Due to recent Canada Post strike items might take longer to arrive.